An Old Photo Of Kaia Gerber And Austin Butler’s Ex Vanessa Hudgens Has Fans Doing A Double Take

An old photo from 2007 has resurfaced, in which a young Kaia Gerber met Vanessa Hudgens at the red carpet premiere of her Disney Channel film “High School Musical 2.” The original poster of the image captioned it, “His ex meeting his new gf,” while a quote-tweet added, “im crying i thought this was a meme but it really is venessa [sic] hudgens meeting kaia gerber pls austin butler is so nasty for this.”

Based on Hudgens’ and Gerber’s body language in the photo, where they’re excitedly shaking hands, Gerber is more of a young fan meeting her idol than the fellow celebrity she would later become. Cindy Crawford is also in the photo, as is Gerber’s brother Presley. Simultaneously shocking, funny, and creepy, the long-lost image put the age difference between Butler and Gerber in perspective for many: “Seeing it like this is so jarring im?)/&2&22,” began one user before completely short-circuiting. Although Gerber is fully legal in present-day, some compared Butler to his breakout role as Elvis Presley, who had a history of relationships with underage girls. “Ain’t nothing but a hound dog,” cracked another.

So far, Gerber, Hudgens, and Butler have yet to comment on the viral photo. The original poster tagged them, so it’s possible they’ll see it — given how long ago it was taken, they might not have even remembered the interaction until now.

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