Day 7 – Miami Dolphins 2022 Training Camp Notebook

Yesterday, Erik Ezukanma detailed the visualization aspect of his game, and it’s working for him. He caught a 50-50 ball during one-on-one’s, once again showcasing his physicality and high-point skills. He also found the end zone during deep red zone work late in practice. Dolphins Wide Receiver’s Coach Wes Welker explained further about the process of learning he’s developed for his rookie wide recievers.

“It was mandatory. Early on in OTAs it’s that way for all rookies. That’s why I explained to them what I did,” Welker said. “I sat there and drew out every single play from the night before that way I’m ready for this play or that play. All that is, is stealing reps. You’re sitting there talking yourself through ‘I have this route, this play, or whatever it is, I’m motioning to this spot,’ trying to dial it in. If you write it out, now you’ve given yourself a mental rep. (Ezukanma) and Braylon (Sanders) both have been doing that and I think it’s really paid off for them because the more you do it, the more it becomes like clockwork so you can just line up and go play, no matter what Mike (McDaniel) calls.”

Fellow rookie Braylon Sanders had the media buzzing about his camp so far with another handful of catches to demonstrate his speed, hands and body control. Sanders spoke after practice about the work that goes into making those plays.

“It helped a lot,” Sanders said. “Just going over the script the night before you come out here and do it at full speed; it helps you a lot because you hear the verbiage, you know exactly what he’s talking about so you’re in the right position when it’s time to play.”

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