Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Hulu’s Upcoming PREDATOR Reboot

Prey received glowing social media reactions last month, but we know all too well that those often don’t reflect what’s in the reviews themselves (even 2015’s Fantastic Four was praised on Twitter before being torn to pieces by critics). Well, we’re pleased to report that this Predator reboot has been very well-received so far. 

The consensus appears to be that this new approach to the property is exactly what was needed, and while it sounds a tad formulaic, it looks like Predator fans will walk away happy.

While previous movies in this franchise have always struggled to live up to the original, Prey is being compared to that 1897 classic, and we can’t think of higher praise than that. Amber Midthunder also appears to be a standout, while the action isn’t coming under fire from any critics. 

So, while not quite perfect, all signs point to this being a badass and exciting addition to the franchise. With it debuting on Hulu this Friday, those all-important viewership numbers will decide whether the series continues on the streaming serving moving forward.

Check out a sampling of (spoiler-free) Prey reviews below:


“Prey delivers pure Predator pandemonium, and is the Predator franchise at its best. It’s also a much-needed fresh start for the series that allows Amber Midthunder to shine in a role that promises to put her on the map.” [4/5]

“By the time Naru stands opposite the Predator in hand-to-face-pincer combat, coating herself in the creature’s phosphorescent green blood, it’s clear that even a “Predator” movie can now be styled as a lesson in how to be. But maybe, in the case of this franchise, that marks a slight improvement over movies that wanted to be nothing but what has come before.”Variety

“Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey never lets up. It’s full of the Predator franchise’s trademark violence and tension, but it’s the ferocious, star-making turn from Amber Midthunder that stands as its greatest strength. The movie’s sole focus on her lead character, Naru, means that the supporting roster comes off a little wooden, but when Prey’s tracking the young warrior’s duel with the Predator — full of powerful imagery and creative kills — it rarely falters.” [8/10] IGN

“Ultimately what makes Prey work is its simplicity. It never strays from its concept, instead slowly building up the tension before reaching a very exciting battle. It also adds to Predator’s fascinating lore. Prey made me wish the Predator franchise was turned into something like Assassin’s Creed, with each new entry touching on a different time period, exploring the mythos from a new lens.”The Verge

“Effortlessly the best Predator movie since the original, Prey proves that, against all expectation, there’s life in the franchise yet, not to mention a thrilling new lead in Amber Midthunder.” [4/5]Empire Online

“Screenwriter Patrick Aison can be forgiven for laying on the feminist themes a bit thickly, since for every earnest or overly self-aware moment there’s one or more scenes of the Predator slaying his victims with undeniable panache. The important thing is that the action sequences are staged with maximum skillfulness (occasionally undercut by the subpar CGI effects, including the Predator glowing like a clubber who’s wandered into ultraviolet light).” The Hollywood Reporter

“The Predator finds an unexpected, worthy adversary in Prey, a perfect mirror for the viewer’s experience. Prey surprises in how different yet similar it feels to the franchise’s origins. It feels right at home with the mythology of the Predator universe yet stretches the boundaries in tone and scale. Soaring spectacle meets intimate storytelling, delivering one of the most solid entries in the franchise yet. It’s a shame that Prey isn’t getting a theatrical release as well; it’s a genuine crowd-pleaser.” [4/5]Bloody Disgusting

“How can even the most skilled Comanche warriors battle a massive alien being with a full arsenal of advanced technology? Now that’s how you orient a prequel. How Trachtenberg, Aison, and Midthunder interrogate that very question is a thrill, offering the most unexpected of movie treats: a once-stalled franchise that suddenly seems bursting with delights — and, yes, plenty of blood spatter.” [B]IndieWire

“Think Apocalypto meets Predator, and you get Prey, a solid addition to a series that has needed a win for longer than I can remember.” [7/10] JoBlo

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