My Two Cents: Former Tampa Bay Rays Outfielder Brett Phillips Did His Job, Made Baseball Fun Again

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Everything you need to know about Brett Phillips can be summed up in what went on for an hour in the Tampa Bay Rays’ locker room on Saturday morning. 

The Rays had lost six of seven games and their grip on a playoff spot was slipping away. A lot of things were going wrong — injuries, slumps, demotions — and tenseness and stress was starting to take over for a team on the skids. It was obvious in a somber locker room after a Friday night loss to the Cleveland Guardians.

But on Saturday morning, laughter and joking and frivolity had returned to the Rays’ locker room — and it was much needed. The promotion that day was a Brett Phillips basketball jersey — an idea that stemmed from 5-year-old Brett Phillips rocking a ”Devil Rays” tank top back in the day — and almost all of his teammates were wearing the jerseys, and even warmed up in them out of the field.

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