New Buzz Lightyear Stamps Honor Disney/Pixar Space Ranger – Deadline

The U.S. Postal Service today released a series of Forever stamps featuring Buzz Lightyear, the beloved character that originated in Disney-Pixar’s animated Toy Story films.

“Go Beyond” is a pane of 20 stamps that feature the Space Ranger as seen in this year’s origins movie Lightyear, who in the Toy Story universe inspired the action figure from the classic films.

“Buzz Lightyear captured our hearts and imaginations in the first Toy Story movie,” said Isaac Cronkhite, the Postal Service’s EVP and chief logistics and processing operations officer. “He taught us about heroism, loyalty and perseverance. And now he is the star of his own feature film.”

The stamps originally were announced on June 21 to coincide with the theatrical release of Lightyear. USPS has now made the stamps available to the public and timed it with the launch of the movie on the Disney+ streaming service and digital platforms.

The stamps include a right-facing close-up profile of Buzz in his transparent bubble helmet; a full-body profile detailing his white-and-green spacesuit from the new movie; Buzz sprinting with helmet retracted, in a three-quarter rightward view, the action accentuated by a foot and elbow breaking through the design border; and a head-and-torso image of the famed space hero resolutely facing adventures ahead.

The character — originally voiced by Tim Allen but played by Chris Evans in the latest film — has appeared in the four Toy Story films and myriad TV specials, short films and video games.

The Lightyear stamps went on sale today at Post Offices and online. A first-day-of-issue ceremony was held at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

CNS contributed to this report.

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