What The Final Shot Of Uncharted Really Means

The Uncharted movie shares a somewhat tenous relationship with its video game source material, but its final shot hints at an interesting development.

With the movie finally landing on Netflix, fans who didn’t catch it in theaters are likely experiencing Uncharted‘s post-credits scene for the very first time. The Uncharted movie serves as a loose adaptation of the Uncharted video game franchise, with Tom Holland starring as Nathan Drake alongside Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan. The movie serves as a prequel of sorts to the video game franchise, establishing how its version of the characters first met—and retconning numerous aspects of the original story in the process.

The creative liberties that the Uncharted movie takes with its source material allowed for a story that honored the games without being truly faithful to them. Though this may have proved a divisive choice, the Uncharted movie did contain many video game references that helped it feel like a genuine part of the franchise. Nowhere is this more evident than in Uncharted‘s two post-credits scenes, each of which set up moments from different Uncharted games. The second and final post-credits scene shows Nathan Drake in a bar brokering a trade with a man named Gage (Pilou Asbæk), revealed to be working for Roman—a reference to Gabriel Roman, one of the main villains from the first Uncharted game.


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After Gage double-crosses Nate, Wahlberg’s Sully appears in time to save the day, finally sporting his iconic mustache. After rescuing Nate, the two exit the bar only to be stopped by an unseen person, prompting a look of shock from both men for the final shot of the film. Uncharted‘s post-credits scene doesn’t explain the moment, but there are a few distinct possibilities for who the mystery person may be which are hinted at by the film itself. In fact, the most likely contenders are two characters who were largely unseen in the Uncharted movie.

What Nate & Sully See In Uncharted’s Final Moment

The unseen figure being able to shock both Sully and Nate implies that it’s someone they both know. This actually makes it distinctly likely that the mystery person could be none other than Sam Drake himself, freshly escaped from his imprisonment. This would explain Nate and Sully’s shock, as both men believe Sam to be dead—it’s actually only in Uncharted‘s post-credits scene that Sam’s revealed as alive.

The other potential identities of who Nate and Sully see in Uncharted‘s final moment are both villains. It’s possible that the two men come face to face with none other than Jo Braddock, the film’s secondary antagonist and leader of a vicious group of mercenaries. It also could be Gabriel Roman, the boss that Gage alludes to in his brief exchange with Nathan. Either of these people would also potentially explain why Nate and Sully were shocked, as Braddock is seemingly killed in Uncharted‘s climactic scene (although her death is unconfirmed), and Roman is something of a major villain in the games.

The fact that Uncharted leaves the identity of the character a mystery hints that Uncharted 2 will pay off the post-credits scene. Nate and Sully’s shock is perhaps the biggest hint of all, as it not only seems to confirm that the two recognize the figure, but that they’re genuinely surprised. As the post-credits scene specifically teased plot points for an Uncharted sequel, it’s possible that a follow-up will pick up right where the first film’s final shot leaves off.

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